Vanquish 14' x 23" Sup Race Hardboard

Vanquish  14' x 23" Sup Race Hardboard

Vanquish 14' x 23" Sup Race Hardboard

The Vanquish was designed as in ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ board, to handle going out and back through shore break and has proven itself in winning the Pan Pacific Games in huge conditions. Mostly, the board caters for a wide range of water states. It is stable and forgiving and happy chasing bumps, pushing upwind and taking on rough waters, but equally happy grinding out the miles calmer waters. Longer parallel running side rails, ensures a stable platform in rough waters and the displaced nose ensures a smooth paddling experience and board that is instinctual without any unpredictable nuances. Includes through deck scuppers to keep deck free of water.

  • 427 cm
  • 58 cm
  • 18.6 cm
  • 265 lt

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